Long ago in 1897 Colombian coffee roaster Juan Ferrer immigrated to Seville (Andalusia, Spain) in order to make this life-long dream come true: making people happy with the perfect cup of coffee. He opened a modest coffee shop in the heart of the historical town and christened his coffee 'Catunambú', after an indigenous tribe in his country of birth. Little did he know that his passion for delivering premium coffee to his discerning customers would still be embraced to this day, by this 21St century family.

After all these years, we have stayed true to our founder's values. With the same energy and passion, our now 4th generation of master blenders sticks to what it does best: choosing, roasting, blending and brewing the very best coffee in a traditional way.

It will thus come as no surprise that in every cup of Catunambú coffee, you can savour heritage, passion, togetherness and joy of life. Coffee with an intense aroma and exceptional flavour and freshness sealed into every pack. The authentic taste of Spain.

What started as a small shop offering fresh, aromatic, premium coffee, is now one of the oldest and best known coffee brands in Spain. We have also been active abroad for a number of years, selling our products in the finest coffee shops of China, Thailand, the United States, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and France, to name but a few.

To this day, every single cup of Catunambú coffee embraces the same passion, craftsmanship and authenticity how we were doing it since 1897, and that is exactly why our coffee has surprised and delighted so many people all over the world.

Although the production techniques have changed to embrace modern methods and technology, our family is dedicated to keeping our founding father's legacy and values alive. Selecting the very best beans from many of the world's premium growers, understanding the subtle differences in blends, techniques and aromas and delivering a truly premium taste ensures that our customers always enjoy the very best, most authentic taste of Spain, in every drop. An unparalleled taste sensation that your demanding guests are sure to appreciate. They deserve the only best, don't they?